Album Inspired Nails: Little Mix's " DNA"

Over the last month, I've been running a mini series on my YouTube Channel ( dedicated to turning the covers from music albums into nail art!

I've had so much fun recreating some of my favourite artists album covers and for those of you who love these artists, hopefully you have or will enjoy doing so too.

Have to say, as always, Nail Art is no walk in the park! Think I might give my heart a break ( oops quoting Demi Lovato :s) I meant my nails a break; they're beginning to look a bit well, mangled...

If you've yet to see the videos, I'll have the links to all the episodes down below.

Anyways as promised, here are some more photos from my most recent Nail Art Tutorial, recreating Little Mix's " DNA" Album Cover. I think this look is one of my favourites, because I lurve Little Mix; their style is so vibrant and young and fun. This look is perfect if you want to hang on to the last dreads of summertime; it could brighten any day or outfit!

Where did that paint come from? :p

For those of you who hate watching video tutorials, here's a simple write up of how I created this Little Mix Inspired Look:

1. Paint the nails alternatively, using an pink and blue nail paint of your choice. Leave the ring finger bare!
- I used " Kiss Me On My Tulips" by OPI and " Cloudless Sky" by George ( ASDA)
OPI's " Kiss Me On My Tulips" ( mini version)

George's " Cloudless Sky"- if you can get your hands on these, check them out! They're amazing and so cheap :D
( Avaliable at ASDA, if you live in the UK)

2. When the nails are dry, take a nail art angled brush and divide the ring finger into sections, by drawing a white cross on the nail.

3. When the cross has dried, start filling in the four sections using the blue and pink nail paints

4. Now with a small dotting tool ( everyone needs one of these), create small polka dots or spots with white paint
- I used a Nail Art pen for my white paint, but you can use whatever you like, ofc!

5. Now, ink a curly fonted " LM" on the index finger, using a pink nail art pen

6. For the middle finger, outline the shape of a yellow heart first using a brush and yellow nail paint, and then fill in.
For the yellow heart, I used Maybelline's Color Show Polish in " Electric Yellow"
( remember if you're using this bad boy, use a base coat!!!! I made a beginner's mistake the other day, when I used this lovely thing without one..My nails are still stained to this day. EUERGH!

7. For the last nail, you can do some more polka, dots with your dotting tool

8. Remember to seal up your handiwork with a quality top coat, to stop it smudging or fading away too quickly ( I recommend Rimmel's 5 in 1 Base Coat/Top Coat or Sally Hansen's Insta- Dri!)

And That's It!!

Here's the links to the previous episodes of my August Mini Series: Album Inspired Nails

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