DIY: Breakfast Kebabs?

Two Blogs in a Week? Never!

Just thought I'd share what I've been absolutely loving this week, when it comes to breakfast.

After religiously watching a half dozen of daily vlogs on YouTube (namely ItsJudyLife, DearNaptural85 and JaackJackVlogs) I've realised that though the vloggers are all very different, they have two things in common:

  • a very strict diet! 
  • a desire to "haul" Fruit and Veg.
If you're like me, and can't help but catch up on YouTube, first thing in the morning, you can't help feeling a little bit inspired when large quantities of fruit and veg are shoved in your face!

But I'm entirely grateful to these vloggers because....I haven't been eating my daily doses of fruit and veg, and prior to this week, can't remember the last time I bit into a juicy green apple! YUM

So, I made it my mission to get back into eating fruit and veg, starting with the first and easiest meal of the day: BREAKFAST!

We normally have a fruit and veg surplus in our house but recently I haven't seen much of it! However, it were as though my Mum was reading my thoughts. Monday Morning- there's a bowl brimming with fresh fruit, including apples, peaches, plums, and bananas :D

Wanna make eating fruit fun? Stick slices/chunks of your favourite fruit on the ends of skewers!

I chose to make the fruit kebabs with: Peaches/Plums, Apples and...Tomatoes (I count tomatoes as a veg, sorry!) Here's some good old health benefits for you:
Peaches: Good source of Vitamin C, Toxin cleanser, Source of Fibre and Antioxidants
Apples: Hunger Suppressor, Antioxidant, Boosts immune system
Tomatoes: Rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Vitamin B-6

The combination of the 3 fruits is surprisingly good. And healthy. And refreshing. And I'm not even tempted to reach for the bread.
Best thing about a light healthy breakfast: ENERGY!

Goodbye Bloating.
TOP: Plum
MIDDLE: Tomato
BOTTOM: Green Apple

You can also add some lemon juice to your skewers. Just drizzle a little over the fruit, especially on the apple to stop it going brown :) The lemon also gives it a sharp tangy flavour <3

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