Finally Got Me Some Essie's!!

TOP: Essie's " Bond With Whomever"
BOTTOM: Essie's " Go Ginza"

There's a first time for everything, and this month marks the beginning of my Essie Nail Lacquer Collection!
As usual, I'm last on the bandwagon with this highly hyped polish, and haven't had the opportunity to try any of the Essie colours since now. Finally- I have 2 in my possession!

Since I'm new to this brand of nail polish, I chose to start off with some very simple yet classic colours. I chose Essie's " Go Ginza" and " Bond With Whomever" from the Spring 2013 Collection, and I got them both at an amazinggg price :P- Check out Fragrance Direct!

I didn't realise that the polishes were so similar in colour until I received them in the post, but hey ho! at least they're pretty and have pink vibes ( I am, believe it or not, lacking in pink nail polish :O. Yes, it's the most obvious colour and yet I just can't... there's something I don't usually like about pink nails!)

Go Ginza
"Go Ginza" is a soft cherry blossom pink- according to the Essie site.
I have to agree, they've describe it to a T!.
Go Ginza is a cool toned pink, with almost grey undertones. It stands out so well against my skin, and does a good job of maximizing the appearance of nails.
I've been wearing the days out of this polish this month! It's so feminine and I love how it looks against a dark outfit. I think Go Ginza will make a really appropriate wedding nail colour.

Bond With Whomever
I haven't actually tried this polish yet, but I do like the look of it in the bottle.
Essie calls this one a " posh lilac", I like that :)
" Bond With Whomever" reminds me of an old and faithful favourite of mine- Barry M's Berry Ice Cream Nail Paint

LEFT: Barry M " Berry Ice Cream"
Right: Essie " Bond With Whomever"
"Berry Ice Cream" was my favourite nail polish last summer, I wore it with everything! And...its the only polish that it almost empty! ( does anyone ever finish a bottle of nail polish?)
So I think I'm going to love " Bond With Whomever"
Could you call Barry M's polish a "dupe" for Essie's?

INDEX FINGER: Go Ginza on a bare nail
MIDDLE FINGER: Go Ginza with a white base beneath ( OPI Alpine Snow)
Can you see the difference?

One thing that I hate about nail polish is when its watery (yuck) or thin in colour. So I tested the Essie polishes by applying one coat to a bare nail, and then on top of other nail that already had a white base ( OPI's Alpine Snow, FYI) The photo above proves that Essie clearly has the ability to stand on its own, even without a base. The colour on the index finger is just as vibrant and opaque as that on the middle finger! Also, I normally have to apply about 2 coats of nail paint with other nail polishes, but Essie polish is so opaque, one coat is enough!
Talk about saving precious polish :D

I think purple/pink tones are my thing this summer because in the same haul from Fragrance Direct, I also picked up a gorgeous mauvey coloured lipstick from Rochas

Rochas Rouge Insolent in  " 18- Elegant Mauve"

Matching Lips and Nails are back On-Trend this year :) This lipstick and my polishes do like very put together, oh yes!

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