Recommendation for August: Kleenex Facial Cloths (REVIEW)

Happy August !
Here's a new thing that I'm going to do on my blogs.
Every month, I'll try to come up with an item or product, beauty or not that, I think deserves a shout out! So let's begin with something I've discovered that you might like to try out for this month:

Recommendation for August
Kleenex Facial Cloths
I've been on mission this year to try as many products as I can to produce some half decent videos on my YouTube Channel about the products I've been loving. I'm assuming I've managed to do it, however my bank balance isn't agreeing with my Shopaholic buzz!

Last month(July) I threw a pile of beauty related items that I'd never tried before, into my shopping basket, in hope of finding at least one that I can rave about to anyone who would listen( :p)
One of the products I picked up was a "facial cloth", by the tissue brand Kleenex.

Kleenex Facial Cloths

Now, just so you know, I've already mentioned Kleenex's cloths in my "July Favourites" video, so if you'd like, you can check that out here: July Favourites

But I couldn't help bringing it up again, because I know I'll be repurchasing in the near future.

Starting with the packaging of the product, I have to say, it was not the most eye-catching! A standard white box, imitating the same shape and size of other smaller tissue boxes; the kind of tissues that Kleenex is most known for, this product doesn't exactly say anything other than trustworthy tissue brand. Had it not been for the girly lilac text and the pretty masquerade mask on the front, I would have never noticed that this was a different type of Kleenex.
I liked the cut out in the box where you can see the tissues inside. I spent a while counting the amount of tissues inside, attempting to work out their value for money and decided that it might be a bit of splurge, but I was going to be spontaneous and grab it anyway. ( only later did I realize that the box mentioned there were 30 cloths)
A small criticism: Paper boxes get easily damaged! Doesn't always look good on shelf :/

A small side peek at the facial cloths on the inside

The Tissues
The packaging mentions that the tissues are 65% cellulose
*Cellulose: (fiber) from any plant or plant based material.
Basically a "natural" or "organic" product. If I know anything about beauty products, the more natural they are, the better the appeal. This so called facial cloth is 65% "organic", so its all good for me!
However, the most attractive thing about the cloths for me wasn't its composition, but:
  • Its appearance
  • Its versatility

Each cloths has an array of embossed holes, that look so luxurious, you'd be convinced they are worth every penny. I'm assuming the purpose of the embossed holes are to help soak up any liquid products like toners and cleansers, and perhaps do a better job of " deep cleaning" the face over a standard flat surfaced wipe. The thickness of the cloths is pretty good( the thickness of two standard tissues) and the texture feels amazingly soft. I thought the natural fibers would make the cloths itchy and irritating against the skin, but actually it's surprisingly soothing.
Each cloth can stretch quite well, even whilst wet, before tearing, which is perfect if using around and across the face and neck area.

Full Sized Cloth
18cm x 22cm ( approx)

My favourite use for the facial cloths is when applying toner in the morning/evenings. Because the cloths are thick, they soak up the toner easily and so, I don't have to use much product in one application! I've found that even half of each cloth(usually I cut one cloth in half) is enough to clean my entire face, without it tearing or becoming saturated with dirt and wear. I've recently used the cloth to remove nail polish, as suggested, and again its ability to remove is impressive. I was able to remove two week old nail polish with 1/2 of a cloth :D

Cloth holds more product as excess run off fills the pore like holes.

Final Points
Having only used the facial cloths for a month, I can already tell that I'm going to keep on loving this product especially since I've upped my beauty regime.
As far as cost goes, the cloths retail from £1.99-£2.99 depending on the store, etc. I'm not crazy about the price; it doesn't sound like a lot but considering there are only 30 cloths in a pack, they won't last very long especially as I use them multiple times a day! 
I will be continuously cutting my cloths in half to reserve them for as long as possible before I have to re-buy.

I recommend these cloths because they:
  • are gentle on the skin, 
  • look and feel expensive
  • are Eco-friendly/organic
  • as claimed on the packaging, indeed better than cotton wool!
Kleenex Facial Cloths are available at Superdrugs

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