What's In My ( Conference/Formal Meeting) Bag

Wow, have I had a busy weekend!This Bank Holiday marks the end of a 3-day conference, that has been in the making since the beginning of the year. All I can say is that it was not a disappointment!

From the 23rd-25th, the church that I belong to hosted an almost international conference entitled " Maximum Impact". When the plans for this conference was first announced, way back in January, we all knew our journey was going to be exciting as well as challenging. I'm most happy to report that although I literally fell into a deep sleep, when I finally got back home last night(absolutely shattered) that I can't think of any better event to be exhausted over.

If you've ever been to a formal occasion whether it be a business meeting, a conference like I did this weekend, or a convention, you'll know that energy, enthusiasm and a pretty little outfit aren't going to hold you together for long. Because anybody who hasn't got a stash of essential supplies on the person, is probably a very disorganized person! If your that key individual or team member that a whole crowd of people are depending on, to meet their every need and query, there really is no time to dash to the toilets to reapply your makeup, take a power nap or find a bite to eat.

My little satchel bag has been a true lifesaver this year, not only for me but also for my team members ( I'm the one who brings a dozen pens :p)

So, I thought I might share with you what I actually managed to stuff inside of it, so that if you happen to be at business meeting or conference in the near future, you might get the upper hand ( and still look chilled whilst everyone else is stressing)

1. Bag
I think that the best bags for formal occasions have structure and a timeless feel. This bag is plain in color, with minimalist detail. An extra strap is helpful especially if you just need to grab it and head out the door! The mock leather adds a slight professionalism
H&M Satchel Bag

 2. Makeup Bag
Store all your dedicates and small bits and bobs in here! There's nothing worse than finding your feminine stuff all over the floor if you've just throw them loose into the bottom of your bag :S  
Anya Hindmarch Snakeskin Cosmetic Bag ( a hand-me-down!)

Inside my Makeup Bag
1. Mirror
 2. Lip Balm
I got this lip balm in a GlossyBox, and I have to say this stuff is PERFECT for the formal setting. The brand is called JASON, and balm has a combination of aloe and beeswax, with hydrating as well as exfoliating properties.
No cracked or chapped lips in sight! The best thing about this particular lip balm is the scent. Anything with a minty undertone is great for the formal place because it gives the impression of fresher breath which means you don't have to be loudly chewing on gum, or standing at arms length when conversating in fear of chasing people away with bad breath :D
JASON Lips Bee Healthier Lip Balm
Need I say more?
Ok, I recommend this Dove Go Fresh  because its subtle. Breaking a sweat doesn't have to be so obvious
 4. Makeup remover wipes/Baby wipes
If you wear make up on an everyday basis, you'll know that you should never leave your house without make up remover wipes. Forget sweating! If someone sees your face melting off even from a distance, forget a handshake (LOL) I also like to keep a few baby wipes in my bag, when I'm reapplying deodorant. Remember to remove old deodorant first before putting on another layer, to keep your underarms fresh
St Ives Facial Cleansing Wipes
  5. Lipstick/Lipgloss
I normally reach for lip products over other facial make up because they're easier to re-apply, you don't need to be bothering people for a mirror and they give off an " I've made an effort"
My All- Time Favorite Lip product is never far from reach; it's the Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Frosting.
I reckon, if you can, stay away from bold red lips! Absolute nightmare if you need to reapply, quick time. Neutral is best
Revlon Lip Butter " Sugar Frosting"

 6. Perfume/Body Spray
Look out for the Asthma sufferers! I did this once, faux pas. Had no idea I sprayed in the presence of an asthmatic who then procedded to cough and splutter, which then disturbed the entire assembly. Oh, the shame... 
If you're going to use perfume or body spray, sneak a bit in an open space so that thefumes can be displaced easily. Again, I recommend to stick to light, daytime scents as well as plastic bottles! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TAKE A GLASS BOTTLED PERFUME ANYWHERE! ( Again, I did it, and it wasn't pretty)
" Mist You Madly" by Soap and Glory
 Miscellaneous/Other Stuff
1. Notepad/book ( with pen)
Student or not, we all know the stern look we get if we ever ask for paper in the middle of an assembly, especially when its just about the most obvious item you could ever bring along with your to any meeting.
I chose to use a note pad, that I wouldn't miss if I lost it, or had to tear a dozen pages out of for those dosy individuals that didn't bring their own :/
PENS, PEOPLE! You will always need a shed load of pens ( I think I gave out more pens than I got back, and that's always the case)
 2. Water Bottle
The Star of the Show! ( well mine was anyway) The amount of times people told me how cool my water bottle was... I mean, it is pretty awesome. If you're wondering, my water bottle is actually a filter bottle and its from Brita. I couldn't be bothered with the filters, so I just filled the bottle with normal tap water. I love the pink detailing on this bottle and the fact that it holds 0.6 l ( 600ml) which is just enough to keep me hydrated over, say, a three hour workshop period.
Brita " Fill & Go" Water Fitler Bottle
 3. Light Snack
When I get hungry, I get grouchy. And when I'm grouchy, I won't talk, I won't listen, I won't do anything! And in the middle of busy conference, that's not good! I find that the best snacks are individually packaged, like this cracker snack " SkyFlakes". These crackers are actually designed to take on lunches, picnics and to work, so all I have to do is remember to duck under a table when no one's looking and sneak one :p
SkyFlakes Crackers

 4. Gum/Breath Refreshers
Another obvious must have!
I actually hate chewing gum, and I won't even touch it if I really really don't have to. But like I said before, there will always be somebody who hasn't bothered to bring their own supplies, so you can just go on and hand them that gum that you won't be using. Simples.
These Listerine Breath Strips are an almost cult product in our church, I always hear about how awesome they are, and how they work and everything, that I just had to seek them out ( they aren't sold in the shops in the UK, so I hunted them down on eBAY) And yes! They are the best invention ever. A bit strong, I have to say though, but they do the job, better than any stick of chewing gum. Invest in some!
Left: Mentos Gum ( with Green Tea)- it actually tastes disgusting! Right: Listerine Pocketpaks Breath Strips in Cool Mint

If Gum doesn't float your boat, you could just pour some of your favorite mouthwash in a spray bottle and when you get the opportunity for a toilet break, squirt a few puffs into your mouth and rinse THROUGHLY.
Very Handy :)

Bit of a long post today, but hope it helped :D

If you're interested, I'm going to do a review on the Brita Filter Water Bottle

Ciao for Now x

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