REVIEW: Brita Fill & Go Water Filter Bottle

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The Backstory
I brought the Brita Fill & Go with a BHS gift card that I was gifted by a very generous family friend over two years ago, in hope that I would spend the money on something University-appropriate. Well, I think this family friend would be glad to know I did indeed do that..

This bottle caught my eye almost immediately! The packaging wasn't "wowsers" but the price at which BHS was selling the bottle for, was! I brought mine for £9.99, where it usually retails for around £12-15, so I figured I'd got myself a bit of a bargain.

What's it for?
The basic purpose of the bottle is to purify unfiltered water, through a simple filtering disk installed inside the bottle. What does the packaging say: Innovative and compact filter technology significantly reduces chlorine, other taste impairing substances and fine solids.
I'm not usually bothered by drinking unfiltered water; I don't mind the taste of ordinary tap water and can do without filtering my water every time I want a drink. But I thought this bottle was too stylish and different to pass up on!

The Pro's & Con's
I like that the bottle comes with 4 x filter disks, which I thought was quite generous of Brita. However, I don't like that the filters need to be changed weekly to ensure the filtering system continues to work at its best... So, it's been almost 2 weeks and I still haven't changed my first filter disk :s ( I don't want to waste the freebies) I'm thinking that this product is most probably aimed at those who'd have enough money to continuously replace the filters, especially if they use the bottle on a daily basis.

I like the no-fuss design of the bottle. It's simple, carries a good amount of liquid and isn't that awkward to hold onto. I guess I would love it even more if it had some kind of rubber grip on the sides, apart from that, it does the job.

One other criticism is the bottle's design. I don't like that you have to tilt your head quite far back at an awkward angle to get the liquid inside the bottle to flow towards the mouthpiece( nozzle) Here is what I mean:
Talk about dead arms and stiff necks...
I suppose once you get used to using the bottle, you barely notice how awkward it first felt...

The best thing for me about the Brita Fill& Go is that it holds 600ml (0,6l). I like that I'm not constantly having to refil the bottle every hour because I've finished a serving. 600ml usually lasts me about 3 hours, if I'm taking small generous sips. This is good especially for those who might want to take this bottle to work with them, as there aren't always convenient times to get up and refill your bottle. You can stay energized and hydrated for quite a period of time. I'm also drinking far more water now thanks to my Fill&Go. :D

And lastly, who doesn't like colorful products? I was sold when I saw the pink rimmed bottle. I'm a girl, what can I say... :D . There's a whole bunch of colours to choose from. It's not an extensive range, but I'm sure there's a colour for every kind of person. #pimped

Overall, I do really like this product and would recommend it to you guys. 
Whether you be highly active, a workaholic or a student, the Brita Fill&Go could probably keep up with you!

Thanks Brita

Ciao For Now x

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