What's In My Graze Box? (Summer Edition)

Well over a month late, I completely forgot about this, but you know what they say: Better Late than Never

If you've been around long enough, you might know that the subscription business is a, well BIG business :D
Last month, I resubscribed to a subscription box I was addicted to, about two years back. That subscription service is Graze, and just about the best idea ever!

I love food ( just gonna say it how it is #fattydontcare) so of course I was all over Graze when I first heard about it, one lonely morning at my University Halls...

If you don't know, Graze is a subscription service that delivers delicious healthy snacks to your home or work if you preferred, as often as once a week. You get 4 treats to try each week, and can rate the snacks on the website when you've tried them. And if you love the snacks, you'll probably get those treats more often. The service only costs £3.89 and delivery is free!

The only thing about Graze is that you can't actually pick exactly what you want in each box, so each time a new box comes, you're sure to get a surprise ( some nice, some not, lol)

This time round, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my box. All of the snacks were delish

The Box
I think its because its raining today, that I look back at these pictures and wish it was truly summer, all over again :(
The special edition box was decorated in cute little palm trees and hawaii flowers..very summer-esque and very true to the subscription box's design (Glossybox comes most to mind, have to say!)

The Food ( oh boy!)
As you can see, couldn't even wait to take the photos before I began diving in...

In this very special box, there were some very special gems...

1) Honeycomb Flapjack.
One of my favourites ( wait they were all my favourites...)
Main Ingredients: Oats, Dark Chocolate and Honey
I have a super sweet tooth so when I saw this, I- jumped!
The flapjack wasn't extremely sweet and neither was it sticky, which was good. I liked that it came in 3 bits, which stops you from downing it in one!

2. Super Berry Detox
This snack was probably the " healthiest" of all the snacks.
Main Ingredients: Cranberries, Goji Berries, Green Raisins, Blueberries
So Tasty!
This snack is great if you're on the go. I took this stash with me to the conference that I went to at the end of August ( there's a blogpost all about that!) and it did a great job of keeping my hunger at bay. I did however find most of it at the bottom of my bag, days later...
 3. Cheddar Gorge
Main Ingredients: Corn Sticks, Cheese Cashews, Herb Crackers.
This snack was so similar to Wotsits, which i haven't eaten in years! Of course I preferred this snack. The best element of this snack was definitely the Herb Crackers. They were really light, (probabaly because they were full of air) and didn;t have that lingering cheesy taste. I could eat an entire bag; I'll be on the lookout for some Herb Crackers!

4. Beef Jerky
Main Ingredients: Beef ( and tomato and onion, for the relish)
The website did say that this snack isn't for everyone, because it has such a strong meaty taste, but I'm all over that, (love me a chunk of meat!)
I want to describe what this tasted like, but i just can't :( it was just too tasty for words.
Salty, tangy, Herby....WOW.
I ate most of this really early, something like 9am, just after the postman dropped the box through the door, and it was only after did I realise that maybe dried beef isn't the best breakfast.
I completely recommend this snack to you guys. If you check Graze out, go looking for this gem :D (That's if you eat meat and really like beef)

Look at that fine art!
Going, going, gone....
The relish was amazing too.
Soo here's a little incentive for you guys...

Every Graze subscriber gets 4 codes to give out to their friends, so that they can try some Graze goodies.
If you've made it this far, then congratulations! because here's my code for you, so that you can try something Graze too!

What you need to do to get a FREE GRAZE BOX!
1: Go to
2. Enter this code: 4Y5NRZXD 
3. Enter your address and details

1.You must live in the UK to get the box
2.The code is only valid for 4 people, so if you want it, you gotta grab it.
3. This post is not sponsored

Ciao For Now, and have fun Grazing!

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