February Ninth| REVIEW| Macarons&More by Tim Kinnaird

Valentines Day is in a week and I thought that since I haven't got a Valentine, I'd treat myself to something extra special. 
I am a HUGE foodie and have an exceptionally sweet tooth. Thus, it is only natural that I've always wanted to try macarons. Macarons have been particularly hyped on the social media circuits. (#YouTubemademedoit) Everyone is talking about and eating them!
So, I thought that Valentines would be the perfect opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and go actively searching for a way to get a box of macarons sent to me at university!

After browsing for a while, I finally came across Macarons& More online and was delighted that this Norfolk-based (UK) company offered a next day delivery service, and more importantly a wide selection of yummy looking dessurts!
If you have ever watched Masterchef, you've probably heard of Tim Kinnaird, the mastermind behind this particular selection of treats. Anyone who's into sweet treats is a friend of mine!

I chose the Box of 12 and hand picked  2x Vanilla, 2x Praline, 1x Lemon, 2x Salted Caramel, 1x Gingerbread+Chocolate, 1x Creme Brulee, 1x Mint+Dark Chocolate, 1xViolet+Blackcurrant(very intrigued by this one) and 1xRose.

My macarons arrived as promised the next day, although I was only able to get my hands on them until an extra day later due to the slow processing of my university post room. It is unfortunate that I didn't realise how precious and sensitive macarons are and so they had to hang out in a humid post room for 24 hours! :(
However, thankfully Macarons&More did an amazing job of tightly packaging the goodies; it took me quite some time to get through the tape!

The treasure chest. The box included the macarons, a flavour finder guide, dispatch note and introductory sheet
I uncovered a pretty box with a mauve grey bow, and more importantly, macarons in perfect condition; thankfully none of them had been damaged.
It would be impossible I'm sure, they looked very cosy inside their box.
My initial impression was that the macarons were a lot smaller than I had imagined them to be, but maybe that's just me desiring delicate and SUPERSIZED.

I have to say, I had a right laugh reading through the "instructions"; I felt that I could totally justify my macaron purchase despite its extravagance because I 1) was in need of relief from a stressful day 2)am anticipating a BIG birthday ( 21...sshhh) 3) don't have a Valentines and well... need some me time!
Price: I suppose I should share how much this box of goodies set me back.
The Box of 12 cost £16.95, and next day delivery was an extra £7.00. You can do the sum :)
I say that it was worth it...Its Valentines

Now, enough of money talk, let's just admire the ARTISTRY and the BEAUTY of these little guys.... 
I'll leave you to salivate :p...

Top left: Mint+Dark Chocolate
Top Right: Creme Brulee
Bottom Left: Gingerbread & Chocolate
Bottom Right: Salted Caramel

One of the "Vanilla" Macarons

Beautiful, right? 
Now onto the taste... THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING! x

I taste-tested the " Vanilla" Macaron first.
You notice how delicate the casing of each macaron is when you hold it(and when you eat it)
The casing had a really nice soft but crispy texture. Sweet but airy. Perfection.
The filling was amazing too. Vanilla doesn't normally pack a punch for me, but the flavoring in this little guy was quite potent.
I noticed that the macaron was also quite chewy. I have never tried macarons before, so I don't know if macarons are supposed to be chewy or if my macarons suffered because they had to settle in the post room for an entire day.
Sorry guys, I wanted you, I swear... <3

At this moment, I have 8 more waiting for me in the fridge. Yum.
I plan to eat the "Rose" Macaron on Valentines Day(I hope they will last until then. Or maybe not knowing me and sweet things...:p)

Thank you Macarons&More for providing an escape for me from my stressful and tiring life in my final year of university!
@DrTimKinnaird :
Any day you fancy giving me a freebie, just give me a buzz :D

KEEP CALM AND EAT MACARONS :D coz you're worth it x
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