My Hair/ Extensions | Afro Marley Braid (Janet Collection)

So I've tried a fair few extensions in my time and so far, I haven't come across a better hair extension than the Janet Collection Afro Marley hair.

  • an amazing match to my real hair (it totally fools people), 
  • very inexpensive
  • makes a pretty impressive ballerina bun!

My hair is definately not my favourite part of my body. In fact its probabaly the least favourite part right now, because it gives me so much hassle. I'm a lazy person, and my hair type (natural/afro) requires a lot of dedication, of which I cannot give. For this reason, and perhaps rough sleeping and heritage, I have incredibly short and thin hair. Thus I have been forever a lover of quick and easy hairstyles for everyday purpose.

Hair extensions for me are an absolute lifesaver. Even whilst I give my hair a break from my go-to: braids, I must add some extensions, in the form of a hair piece, to create some volume and particulay, some length!

The Janet Collection hair is wonderfully realistic- it does, like it boasts, feel like human hair. The Afro Marley has a nice  kinky/wavy texture, which is so similar to my natural afro hair.
My real hair is actually black (almost jet black) so I found it really easy to find an appropiate colour shade from the collection: I always buy the shade No.1 or No. 2
This hair was MADE for me... such a close match! Marley Braid hair in No. 1

How I add/attach the Afro Marley Hair

I like to create my own hair pieces with the Afro Marley hair, using only one pack of Marley and a hair band (ideally the same colour as natural hair). 
A ponytail hair piece is great because its so easy to attach to my own hair.
With the Marley hair attached, arranged into a classic and easy top bun.
 Here's how I acheive this everyday top bun look!

1. Seperate the Marley hair strands from the pack.

2. Choose a thick hair band (I suggest one without the metal, as this could damage the hair you attach)
One study hair band! This one's from Primark :)
 3. One at a time, feed a single strand of hair through the hair band, to create a loop. Pull the hair taut to tighten it to the hairband. The tighter it is, the better :D. See below for a photo demo....

 4. Fix the next strand besides the previous, and keep building up, rotating around the hair band as you go. Stop when you have only a fraction of the hairband still exposed.
The Marley Braid hair can be very fiddly! So take your time when tightening onto the hair band. Be gentle
when you are untangling- you might ruin the kink.
 5. The hair band shouldn't be loaded with hair! It should be enough to cover any gaps. Comb the hair together with your fingers to combine the strands.

6. And that's it! A ponytail of hair is now ready to attach to your own.

I tie my natural hair up into a bun, and cover it a silk cloth/sheet to protect it from cold/heat.
As you can see, my real hair is almost non existent..,
To attach, I simply thread my hair through the hair band, split the Marley ponytail hair in two and wrap the two parts around my own bun. The ends are tucked underneath at the base of the bun and then I blend the hairs together by fastening down flyaways with bobby pins.

When I'm not wearing the Marley hair, I store it in the plastic to keep it straight and free from dust and dirt.
The Marley hair does get dirty quite quickly, so it needs a good rinse with gentle shampoo and COLD water at least once a week to keep it looking and smelling good.

If you have natural Afro hair (woop #teamnatural) and are looking for something inexpensive, fool-proof and lazygirl friendly, give this hair and my method a whirl! 

A top bun is a classic and is perfect for work, formal and casual occassions.

You can find the Janet Collection Afro Marley Braid hair here for only £3.99 p/pack
Pak Cosmetics:

Does anyone have any other hair recommendations for natural Afro hair?

Ciao For Now x

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