#BLOG-TOBER! Day 2| M&S "Eat Well" Snacks

Here goes Day 2! of #blogtober.
If you missed yesterday, here's the link:

Since the beginning of September, I've become a part of the 9-5 club. #WORKLIFE
And I <3 it! Working is The One :D

I have also been M&S.

Yes, Marks and Spencers--->that retailer that was always a little bit too dear for my pocket back in the day. But now, with a bit more extra cash, I feel like a proper member of the office when I can stroll in there and grab some food in a little green bag. #simplepleasures
I noticed the " Eat Well" Range, one day whilst doing this daily browsing. Ofc, the range seems to be promoting eating good food, that is both delicious and healthy
Each product in the new range boasts several benefits, whether they be 1 of your 5 a day or a source of vitamin and fibre.
Sounds good to me; I'm all over that :D

So far, I've tried 3 products in the range:
1. The Breakfast biscuits 

These sultana, apple and cinnamon biscuits are great for the mornings when you're on the go. One pack contains two oat biscuits, packed with dried fruit and spices- apple, cinnamon and sultana is totally season appropiate.
I enjoy eating my biscuits, at my desk, with a cafe mocha at that awkward hour between breakfast and lunch #elevenoclock.

2. The Beetroot crisps 

Beetroot- and that's all. No nasty hidden ingredients

NomNom! :P
These crisps are surprisngly really good! I'm a fan of beetroot anyway, but I think these crisps would please anyone. I even gave my Mum some, and she seemed to like them too.
Pure and simple beetroot with a touch of saltiness in the vinagrette seasoning doesn't do anyone harm. Although one packet set me back £1.50, I thought it was totally worth it. 
Give them a go if you're looking for something healthy and alternative to the everyday potato crisp! ( Note: be prepared to have a pink tongue! Beetroot does stain, so keep it away from your crisp white shirts)

3. The Oriental snack mix

I love me a good Chinese cracker, so when I saw these, I knew they'd be right up my street. I like that these snacks are light, crunchy and puffy; even one handful's enough to satisfy my tastebuds. 
They're very yummy, and perfect for sharing with your office buds 
(but only if you're that way

Lastly... though this isn't part of the "Eat Well" range and certainly isn't Healthy Street, but I simply have to mention my other M&S obsession...

4. The Plain Scone (yes, the bogstandard)
Cutie Pie #selfie

Pudding, anyone?
I'm normally a lover of big strong flavours like chocolate and toffee, but this plain cake just has that little something extra special that I can't get enough of..I don't know what it is. 
It's only 60p, and oh my..this scone is big and crumbly and just satisfying.

Can't wait for my next fill :P 

I completely suggest you hit up M&S if you're passing. You'll never know what tasty goodies you'll find inside

Ciao For Now x....Until Day 3

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