#BLOG-TOBER Day 5| NAKD Fruit&Nut Bites

It is by pure coincidence that today's post is all about another edible delight #foodtober
Sorry if you can't stand food-talk :/ (I know how Benji must feel now when nobody pays attention to his passionate food rants #itsjudyslife :D)

However, today is slightly different. Because in this case, which is really rare for me- this post is about a not so edible delight.
Edible, just about.

Monday: 1pm-Lunch Break- again!- and I was purposefully looking for a healthier snack to take back to my desk. Went into Boots and scanned the Meal Deal selections, until I got bored and chose my usual- a fish sushi selection. And then on my way to the checkout, I noticed this red bag of "bites" from the brand NAKD sitting among all the chocolate bars and other tempting treats.
I've heard of NAKD before, but I hadn't seen them do anything in bite form.
So ofc I brought it (completely disregarding the £2.00 price tag!)eager to open it up and take a bite!

The Specimen..Looking back at it now properly, I think I would have passed it up

I'm gonna be honest:
1. I didn't actually bother to read what was actually inside these bites. I just saw the brand name, the blab about it being 1 of your 5 A day and was sold! It was only after I tasted it that I bothered to read the packaging....
2. First impressions weren't good from the outlook: Here's an example of NAKD bite:

Mmm...LOVELY! One solid "bite" of...Brown.

The bite was soft and squidgy, And smelt like dates.
Anyway, I tried it neither the less and thought at first, it tasted ok...but then, it just fell apart after that, and I started thinking: WHAT IS THIS IN MY MOUTH?!

In my opinion, these bites are probably one of the worst snacks I've EVER tasted. 
I just did not enjoy them at all.
It was chewy, which was fine, but it was the weirdest combination of nut pieces, the gritty pieces of raisins and what ever else was in there.

I think the ingredients were way too dry and similar- it just lacked flavour.
Here's the list of ingredients:

I definitely need more raspberries in my bite! 
3% of raspberries is pretty stingy, compared to the rest of the ingredients- no wonder I couldn't taste any fruit

I wouldn't recommend this product. 
Try eating cashews, dates, raspeberries and raisins SEPERATELY!- the combination was just so wrong. Sorry :( 

The face says it all.. Euergh :(
Hopefully tomorrow will be more pleasant?

Ciao For Now x....Until Day 6!

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