#BLOG-TOBER Day 6| The Intimacy of Honesty

Hello There! So its Day 6 of my #BLOGTOBER and I'm loving it! Thanks for reading. Definitely brings a smile to my evenings...

I'm going to mix it up for today, and skip another planned #foodtober post...

Yesterday, I was listening to Audio Bible DAB on my phone and the guy who reads, I believe his name is Brian, started giving his opinion about a proverb he'd just read.

The proverb was such a simple statement, but made such a powerful impact, on him...and on me. And this was it:

-PROVERBS 24:26-

Now we all know, if someone's going kiss you (and on the lips for that matter) they must be pretty in love with you! A kiss on the lips isn't as casual or friendly as one on the cheek, etc. 
It's full on, right? Usually preserved for someone who means a lot to you?

Brian started saying something along the lines of how honesty then, should be this intimate, just like a kiss on the lips is really intimate. And almost brutal (but not violent) if that makes sense.
Honesty should be so in-your-face you couldn't mistake it for anything else.

If we get "intimate" with our honesty, it's almost certain that it's going to hurt a little, because real honesty is so raw.
The simple truth does cut deep, it will sting sometimes. I know I've felt slightly uncomfortable when I've had to give someone my honest opinion.
However if it's directed at someone we genuinely care about and want to help to succeed and grow, then it'll be for their benefit in the long run.

So, here's my conclusion:
If we care about/love someone, whether that be your best friend, partner, parents, etc, then we should be prepared to be raw, and up in-their-face if it means being honest.

You know what they say: Honesty is the best policy!

And let's be honest (See what I did there :P) If we can't be brutal and intimate in honesty with those we care about most, then how can we be honest (but not rude!) with those people we barely know?

Certainly got me thinking... 
How about you? 

Hope you've been inspired!
Ciao For Now x...Until Day 7

Kelita x

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