#BLOG-TOBER Day 7| The Dreaded C & F: Tips & Tricks

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons; one reason is that it's a "transitional" month, and in my opinion, gets the best of both worlds. It's not cold enough to wear a dozen layers and its not too hot either. However, it's this notorious time of year, when the weather is "transitioning" and many people start picking up viruses.

So far I've been fortunate enough to evade the contagion, despite spending most of my day in a crowded office, where everyone is sneezing and coughing all over themselves, their computers and everyone else for that matter. Being sick sucks...I'm sure we can all agree on that one 

Now I'm not a health expert, a nutritionist or a doctor, but over the years I've gathered a few handy tricks on:
1. How I keep myself cold and flu-free, and in the colder months.
2. How I survive when I get the cold/flu.

So here's a few to share you!

My Top Tips on Keeping yourself cold/flu-free

  • Start topping up with vitamin supplements as the colder months and days approach!- In our household, we favour Vitamin C supplements, and when I was younger, we used to all take Cod Liver Oil. Nasty, I know, but it did the job
  • Keep your exposed bits(lol)covered!- Feet and hands are the main ones, but don't neglect your chest, ears, nose and head.
  • Eat that chicken!-  there's something amazing in that bird that helps the body fight off symptoms of cold and flu. Try a spicy warming soup or a curry!- our family has a traditional Caribbean soup, full of chilli heat, vegetables and chicken- its tasty, very nutritious and is amazing at fighting the early sniffles.

My Top Tips on Surviving colds/flus

  • Wear a scarf all day/for as long as possible!- I give this tip to anyone whose suffering with a cold or flu! I discovered how effective scarf-wearing was during  during the dreaded " Freshers Flu" period at Uni, when my roommate caught a chest infection. She reported that she felt much better after wearing a scarf throughout the day. Scarves keep your neck warm, and this in turn soothes your sinuses and glands, helping to reduce swelling and discomfort. Amazing for Sore Throats.
  • Anti-bac like there's no tomorrow- it's okay to get obsessive with the anti-bac if it means keeping germs at bay. I carry a little squeezy bottle with me EVERYWHERE. I try to cleanse my hands  before touching doors, keyboards and food as often as possible when I'm working. Hopefully this will help to stop the viruses spreading.
  • Catch your sneezes in a tissue!- I use anti-viral ones- have no idea how much more effective these are over the ordinary ones, but they make me feel better :)
  • Heat is your best friend- hot water bottles, radiators, hooded jackets- sweat that cold out!
  • Get some sleep zzzzz
FYI: Remember that these tips have worked for me, but it doesn't necessarily mean they'll work for you. But why not give them a go anyway?

All the best & Get Well Soon

Ciao For Now x Until Day 8

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  1. Ah! I was definately going to post about this too since I've just about recovered from my own cold! Beat me to it! :)