#BLOG-TOBER DAY 8 | Something Borrowed...

Feeling all cosy...

Let's begin with a confession:

1.This scarf is not mine. 
2. But I do wish it were mine!

This past week has been particularly colder than usual in the UK, and one morning I was struggling to find anything warm in my own wardrobe to wear for the day.
So, I decided that I would stick my head around the door of my sister's room and nab one of her many scarves hanging on the door.
I borrowed this lovely one, on that sad day that signified Autumn had certainly arrived in the UK- and since then, have been slightly obsessed with it! 
My sister's had this scarf for a while, and I've always secretly wanted it :p haha

So, to cure my obsession, I've been on the lookout for a similar one in the shops.
I'm pretty sure this borrowed one's from H&M- it's just got that "look".
And luckily for me, I love H&M and have actually seen a few look alikes in store this week.

Watch this space...

So, what do I love about this scarf?

1. The Colour- this pretty oxblood/burgundy
is everywhere this season, and I just can't seem to get enough of it! My signature look these days is a Navy and Oxblood mix.
I wore this scarf with my beloved ASOS leather flats and a navy/white tapered trouser- I think it was a very good Workwear day :D #matchymatchy

2. The Thickness + Length- anything long enough to drape over my shoulders at least once is a winner for me. Especially if I'm waiting for a bus, or shivering in an air-con office.

3. The Sequins- my wardrobe is positively black and plain right now. I love that this scarf not only has that "pop" of colour, but also a dressy element- there are little black sequins throughout the knit. It just gives it that right amount of edge.

Disclaimer: I will commit to return this scarf to its rightful owner and place.
And I will not be tempted to steal it:I am not a thief!
Thanks Sister


Ciao For Now.x

Until Day 9 !

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