#BLOG-TOBER Day1| Rimmel's " Velvet Matte" Line REVIEW

This year I've decided to get on the bandwagon and do #Blogtober!. Let's see how this goes

So for Day 1, here's a recap of my review on :
Rimmel's NEW Velvet Matte line. 

I shot a video on this last week, so to watch that, click the link here:

I picked up the new Apocalips Lip Velvet, in the colour "Metoric Matte", which I describe as a "cherry pink". 
It was a really pretty colour- lovely for the new season, and the right balance between a red and a girly pink. Totally day-time appropiate :)
One of the best things, for me, about the new Apocalips lacqueres is that they feel so light when they are on the lips; lips aren't sticky or dry. 
Was it matte?- Yes, eventually! The lacquers apply glossy but over time, the formula begins to mattify. The finish is great- just like a lipstick, which I love. 
Did the colour stay put?- Yes
Apocalips Lip Velvet in Metoric Matte. Perfect for transitioning into Autumn

I also picked up the Velvet Matte nail polish- (I'm a nail polish lover, what can I say??)
I chose the colour "Velvet Touch" which I describe as a " slate grey". I was very impressed with the matte finish of this nail polish- it mattified almost immediately. Although the cap of the bottle was a little too big for my liking, and made the polish difficult to apply neatly, I loved how cool the colour looked. However, wearability wise, it wasn't too great- the polish did begin to chip one day later, even with multiple coats...
I admit the application is a little messy..but that aside, look at the finish of that polish!
It's opaque, great autumn colour, and completely shine-free :D

Overall, I really enjoyed trying and wearing the Rimmel Velvet Matte range

The pink lacquer and the grey nail polish looks AMAZING together.
 I'm totally gonna rock them together this season :P

Ciao For Now x....Until Day 2

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