#BLOGTOBER Day 14| October Current Music Favs!

If you watched my September Favourites on my YouTube channel, you'd have heard me confess that Soundcloud has become an absolute MUST for me- from discovering new artists to hearing AMAZING remixes of my favourite songs.
So today's post is a quick fire round of a list featuring the songs I've been abusing, repeating, singing and dancing to over the last week! Ready?...

1. Lecrae- All I Need Is You -> This song = YESSSS! Who doesn't love the summer vibes of reggae?

2. Lecrae- Good, Bad, Ugly -> Brutal honesty takes guts.

3. Lecrae- I'm Turnt -> Classic! Can't ever say no.

What can I say? I like Lecrae- just a little! His new album "Anomaly" THOUGH! - killing it :D

4. Christian Lewis- I Can't Handle It-> Love this guy's voice! New discovery but I'll be looking for more.

5. Sango & Waldo ft SPZRKT- Crossroads

6. Sango- Middle Of Things

7. MusiqCity cover of " Ready Aim Fire" originally by Mali Music-> Gospel at its best. The ending of this= arghhh :D "...Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Fire Away..."8 S.O. - Lows and Highs ft Leah Smith

9. S.O.- Passion and Purity-> This song. All of my friends keep referencing this song, so ofc I had to go back to the album and listen to it. The lyrics are truth :D

10. Bastille and Gabrielle Aplin- Dreams->  I've got an alternative to these lyrics...

11. Djemba Djemba remix cover of "Green Gardens" originally by Laura Mvula -> when the beat drops...oh my!!! PARTY

12. Bethany Mota ft Mike Tompkins- I Need You Right Now-> Ah! I didn't want to be that person, but I totally am! Wasn't sure about it when I first heard but now, two days later,  I'm beginning to love this #guiltypleasure

I really wish I could attach some demos :(
But anyway, if you want a listen, check them out on Soundcloud--> its all available and FREE to listen to. Some may even be downloadable...

Right, I'm off now, heading back out tonight, Enjoy your evenings

Ciao For Now x
 Until Day 15!

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