#BLOGTOBER Day 15| Horror For Fun?!

October for many people is all about that last day of the month, that in my mind, starts with H- for Heck, and ends with N- for NO!

When Halloween rolls round, I just want to get out of the way, close my curtains and hide in my house from everyone stalking around the streets at goodness knows what time at night looking for candy. I think Halloween is soo hypocritical, its unreal. Maybe I'll talk about this later?

Anyway, today I was in H&M, and was going up the escalator when I almost jumped out of my skin at some eerie creepy noise. I looked around me and nobody else was there. I admit, I am such a jumpy person and I don't do horror!
I don't know if this is so, but I swear H&M had laced their escalator with some automatic noise thing, so that when you step on it, it triggers the noise, which scares you half to death! I'm sure it was a prank, but I just wasn't feeling the joke.

The point of sharing this, is that I've found that everyone seems to love a good scare around this time of year. Everyone goes crazy for horror films, explicit gore and spooky stories.

A work colleague today was also telling me about a haunted house in America, where people voluntarily put themselves through an experience that is apparently so gruesome and shocking, that only a few suitable people will actually be allowed to take part. 

Of course, I went home and researched all of this and found it to be true!. The "haunted" house in question is called McKamey Manor.
According to my colleague and the internet, the experience is both psychological and physically shocking- people allow themselves to be physically harmed, by being cut and punched, as well as gagged as part of the experience. Many of the tours even have to be stopped due to medical reasons, where some people start reacting so violently to what is being done to them.

In addition to all this, the whole thing goes on from between 2-4 hours!
I don't get it. 
Why would you do that to yourself? 
For the sake of a day, the sake of Halloween- a festival, that comes and goes in 24 hours- why would you put yourself through that kind of ordeal- for fun?!
I had to laugh when my colleague was telling me all this because in reality I was just disgusted and shaking my head on the inside.

Someone enlighten me, please.
I don't get how horror, especially on this extreme scale, can be entertaining, or even.... pleasurable.
A silly scare, like what I encountered in H&M today, isn't life threatening, and sure, you get over it.

But this kind of "experience" is just brutal.
I wonder how many people actually go into that manor house, and come out again with absolutely no lasting effects. Surely none...

Just some #foodforthought

Ciao For Now x
Until Day 16

Kelita x


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