Now, I'm not usually a highly competitive person, but you see, there's this game that I've been recently introduced to that every time I play with people, especially if there's loads of us at once, and I win even one round, I feel a smug grin coming on my face. And I'm thinking: SUCKERS! :P

This game is called "Scum"! Lovely, right? 

(It's also known as President, Kings, Rich Man Poor Man and in typical foul British fashion:  A**holes (yes really!!)

It's so funny strange how this card game succeeds a mid-week Bible Study, where we spend time getting deep in the Word of God, cleansing our minds and etc, and then BOOM, we get all aggressive, cheating and accusing and fighting over status and power and.. you get my drift!

Amongst our group, the game is known as "Warlords and Scumbags", which apparently is the Australian reference- but whose Australian anyway? LOL

I'm not that good at explaining game play, so if you're interested in this derogatory game, then Google it. But basically, the aim is to get rid of all your cards first and be thus crowned the WARLORD :) Whoever is left with their cards at the end is ofc, the, ahem, SCUMBAG. Ouch.

This game is classically played with a deck of cards and with 3+ players.

I downloaded the free app version onto my HTC today, and played a 10 strong round with the 3 computerized players!- It was so intense.

And guess who lost almost every time... #kmt 

The funny thing is that I thought I'd be okay with losing. 
After all its only a game and the other players aren't real, unlike those I face weekly at Bible Study! But it turns out it wasn't okay, and I actually starting to get frustrated with the game, even at times, calling out CHEAT! (admist a serious quietly working office! :B)

After the last round, which sealed my humiliating title of overall Scumbag, I threw my phone back into my bag, and sat in a strop, staring at my computer screen for a while. 
That'll teach me to play games during work...HAHA
Ironically, after taking this photo, I managed to beat everyone and become the WARLORD! Haha. Strange, huh?

Maybe I'll have a better chance at winning and claiming the crown this week at Bible Study??

Bring It On. 
I'm not ready to lose again...

Ciao For Now x
Until Day 20

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