#BLOGTOBER Day 22| Bullying, Inspiration & YouTube

I feel very blessed that I've never had to experience bullying. 

Sure, I've been in arguments when I was at school and even now, there's been times where the odd dumb word would come out of someones mouth when they're upset with me, and visa versa.
But never to the extent where it's made me not want to get out of bed or enjoy my life or speak my mind...

The awareness and the impact of bullying I think, has really taken off over the last few years.
Now that we have the internet and all the social mediums, unfortunately, there's so many more ways for people to abuse others.

Despite this, I'm a huge supporter of social media, for all the good its doing and am definitely particularly proud of the YouTube community. Whether you're a user, watcher, subscriber or a "youtuber", there's now a whole bunch of people online that you can now connect and relate to like never before.

YouTube has simply e x p l o d e d and has turned some ordinary people into inspirational people- people who are just trying to be themselves and are working hard to counteract "trolls", negativity and criticism.

When the "Draw My Life" tag was popular on YouTube, I remember watching loads of my favourite YouTubers talk about their past and it shocked me that most were confessing that they had, at some point in their lives been bullied. I remember thinking " Wow" because looking at them now, you'd never be able to guess what they had been through.

Here's a few of them here, as examples :

<< Meghan Rienks


And this is what I love about life. Life has a way of turning situations around.
Life reminds me that nothing is forever, and " these too shall pass".
I love what Gracie has written on her wall (see pic above) If you can't read it it says:


Another YouTuber I absolutely love is Bethany Mota
I finally watched her DWTS "Try" performance on Wednesday, and got caught up in the emotion of the dance, Colbie Caillat's amazing song and the message behind it, which exemplifies someone like Bethany.
Bethany is an example of a YouTuber that continues to amaze me. This girl is only 18 years old, and she is so talented and generous and loves doing things on behalf of girls just like her. I'm so glad she's been given opportunities to fly all over the place, launch her own brand and be a voice for young people.

Bethany Mota's Try Performance Finale

Because it just goes to show, her own bullying struggles also didn't last forever, and those bullies, that negativity...where is it/are they now?

One last thought/message before I go off on one :)
I've always believed in this:
If you were abused or bullied at school/when you were young, then have hope. Because those bullies- that's all they'll ever be. The popular kids at school- ok, so not all of them were mean- but I've realized a whole bunch of them aren't as successful or as prominent right now, as they thought they would be.

Think about this: 

If you reach your peak/maximum potential when you're at school or when you're young, where else have you left to go???

If you were the "bottom", you will get to the top. Don't worry.

Love who you are first and you'll get there!

Ciao For Now x
Until Day 23


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