#BLOGTOBER Day 23| *The Workwear LKBK Edit*

AUTUMN- My Back Garden

Yesterday was awesome! Not only was it my day off *sigh of relief* but I got so much done!

One of those many things I ticked off my list was a Lookbook. I've wanted to shoot another one for the longest time! 

Fun Fact #1: LookBooks are by far, my favourite type of video to film. Confession: They take FOREVER to edit *phew*

This time round, I managed to rope together a few of my favourite workwear looks for this new season. I'm currently loving monchrome, with the classic shirts and crisp lines, and also the addition of Burgandy/Oxblood to warm up the basic palette.
I feel like this Autumn has given me an opportunity to explore my own personal style, be a little more daring, and just roll with it! 

It's been so fun and challenging choosing outfits to wear for each week. So, that may sound highly #firstworld-ish, I supppose there are more important things in life than deciding what clothes to wear for the day. But I don't know, it just gives everyday a new flavour.

I get excited for the day when I'm wearing something new... Is it just me?

Anyways, the finished product- My Autumn Workwear LKBK- is now LIVE on my YouTube channel.
Go take a peek and show some love:


Fun Fact #2: I had to endure a hairy spider lurking in my conservatory whilst I filmed this video. EUERGHH

So please, all of you people out there who understand the very real dislike I have for these creatures, that I braved that, and cold weather, for your enjoyment.

Fun Fact #3:BTW, the track featured "Fall Down" is like my favourite song right now. I'm obsessed. No joke. 
The beat is incredible, the words are even more meaningful and man, I wish I wrote it myself. 
I think Rivers & Robots are my ultimate favourite band- they just have amazing voices. They're also British + ofc they're Christians :D Yayy!
Twitter: @riversandrobots

Classic black + white w/ pops of burgandy = my Autumn Go-To

Anyway, enjoy the video, your Friday, and Ciao For Now x
Until Day 24!

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