#BLOGTOBER Day 25 |The "Cookie Butter" Dupe!

Hello there! Welcome back to my blog

It's Day 25 of #BLOGTOBER! and I simply had to take it back to food-related post!

So, yesterday morning, I went out to Tesco's, with determination, to find the scarce commodity that is tinned pumpkin (which turned into a fail because I didn't find any of the canned version, and wasn't feeling overly keen on carting one large pumpkin home)
However the trip didn't turn into a total disaster because as I was leaving via the cake aisle, my hungry eye caught sight of something I'd been thinking about coincidentally that night. I got so excited and grabbed a jar to take home with me.

I'm talking about Cookie Spread. Yes, I'm excited about chocolate cookies churned up into a nice thick sugary paste.
The Cookie Spread, I'm certain, is named after that famous Trader Joes original "Cookie Butter", that just about every American YouTuber has stocked up by the dozen in their kitchens :)
Every time I hear someone else talking about it, I want it. And considering we don't have Trader Joe or the Cookie Butter in the UK, I thought my chances of getting my cookie-monster hands on one was definatley nil.
Until yesterday that is. Thanks Tesco, you da bomb!

Tesco's Cookie Spread is just about every bit of delicious goodness that I expected, and simply the kind of stuff that needs to be eaten by the spoonful !!
Move Over Nutella! #theresanewkidontheblock

All this is missing is a massive spoon!

Thick spread like consistency, with chocolate pieces

I doused a slice of bread with the cookie spread on my first tasting. It was so satisfying..nom.

I have no idea what the Trader Joe's Cookie Butter tastes like, but if its anything like this one, it's a winner! Tesco's version is at least, most certainly a great DUPE, if going by looks and name alone.

I'm going to try this spread with a slice of cake next. Or for a healthier option (although its questionable how healthy!) with pieces of fruit, such as apple or banana.

Tesco Cookie Spread : £1.99

Ciao For Now x
Until Day 26

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