#BLOGTOBER Day 26| A High Waisted Fail :(

Day 26 everyone! Just 5 more days of #BLOGTOBER to go!

So, I've been searching high and low for a while now for a decent pair of work trousers.
But not just any old pair. Oh No.
I've been wanting a pair of:
1. High Waisted 
2. Slim fitting 
3. Navy
Yes, it's quite a criteria. And it's been a difficult search. High waisted slim fitting navy trousers are a hard item of clothing to come by. I tried Topshop, ASOS, New Look, even my trusty H&M, and still...nothing. And then last week, I stumbled across EXACTLY what I was looking for on the MissGuided website, and I clicked BUY faster than I could even comprehend.

I picked out these "Marilyn" high waisted trousers from MissGuided, in two sizes, as I wasn't sure which would fit me best.
I like these trousers because they tick off all of my picky criteria and looked super flattering on the website model.
However, when I came to trying them on myself, I discovered that they weren't quite what I was expecting. Here's what I mean:


On a positive note, these trousers are lovely in colour and have a pretty sheen finish. The leg length isn't too crazy, and there's a good amount of space in the leg width to move comfortably. And most impressively for me, the fit of these trousers on my hips and upper abdomen was amazing!
I love the cut out V detail in the super high waist, its so flattering and unique, and the band still covers my lower stomach and belly button, which was totally what I wanted.

However, as you can see from the photos, the fit doesn't do anything for my crotch area :( There's way too much excess material- because I have a small waist and a flat stomach, there's nothing to fill out the trouser, so it's just sitting there like a saggy sack.

I have a "pear" shaped body, with VERY heavy emphasis on the bottom half! I'll admit I have a very weird figure, its totally disproportionate and makes finding a pair of trousers that fit my small waist and huge butt and thighs (say it how it is) extremely difficult. It's a great shame, because I didn't encounter the "gap" problem with these trousers.

Sadly, I'll be sending both sizes back to MissGuided at some point this week. I tried on the smaller size first, and encountered the issue, so I doubt it'd be better with the next size up!

Ah, so close and yet so far! Back to the drawing board
These high waisted trousers retailed at £24.99, which I think is very reasonable considering how beautiful and good quality they are. They are also available in other colours including black.

Marilyn High Waisted Trousers (Black)-

Would anyone care to point me in the right direction for anything similar to these??

Ciao For Now x
Until Day 27

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