#BLOGTOBER Day 27| The 1 Thing that I Can't Stand...

Hi everyone! So, I was just about to close down my laptop, jump into my PJs and head off to bed for the night, when I realised I haven't done today's post!

The other day, I was chilling out at home and watching one of my favourite types of videos (HAULS, ofc) on the good old YouTube (you might have realized that my life often originates around social media...) Anyways, the person I was watching, who I watch often, was having their usual bubbly chatter, the showing and telling of the outfits they brought, blah blah and then they got onto an item of clothing that had cost them a bomb.
And out of nowhere, they exclaimed: JESUS! 

Now, I'm sure most of you are waiting for the next part to this story, and may be surprised to hear that that is all. That is all because after that exclamation, I just couldn't enjoy that haul as much as I had before, and without consciously doing it, I began to feel differently about that person.

For me, that video was ruined. And simply by that single rash exclamation, that perhaps that person says more often than I had imagined they would.

The 1 Thing that I can't stand is ...Cursing/swearing.

Whatever you want to call it, it's just about the most awful thing in my eyes. 

It's just something that I think shouldn't be justified. Another YouTuber, also someone who I enjoy watching and who I actually admire for different things, swears occasionally in their video and in the same way, the cursing immediately puts me off.
It's like after those harsh words ring through my ears, I physically shudder. I shut down. I turn off. I think " Ok, that's enough. I'm done with what you have to say now". And it's a shame.

I'll admit; if people swear/curse around me, it takes a lot for me to actually speak out and say out loud that I am offended and I don't like it. I rarely say anything. I sometimes convince myself I didn't hear anything and pretend that everything's okay. But I'm sure you'll see my reaction on my face- I can't even smile with you anymore. Because as conversations continue, all I can think about are those words.
And how horrible they sound.
And how unnecessary they are.
And how much I start to feel a disconnection with that person.

It's that serious for me. If you're around me and you swear/curse, I almost lose a bit of cred, respect for you. #justgonnabereal.

Words are such powerful things. They have a way of sticking in your mind.
I like to think that whatever we have to say, we should say and speak words of positivity at all times.
Even if someone steps on your toe, or you're having a bad day, or you want to express yourself.

So, you might be reading this and shaking your head in disagreement, and that's okay. I already know that the whole cursing thing is an indivdual's choice-  not everybody is going to agree with this post, I know that.
But this is my blog and it's my opinion and I'm just putting it out there, that I think personally cursing/swearing is just awful.

Just wanted to get that off my chest

Ciao For Now

Kelita x

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