#BLOGTOBER Day 13| Honest To Blog: Falafel &THE WORST PAIN OF MY LIFE :(

Wow, where has the time gone! It's Day 13 of #BLOGTOBER

I missed Day 11&&12.. sorry my bad- yesterday I was clearly enjoying my dinner too much to do this-

Anyway, for today's post, I have a little story to tell...

My Experience

Let's jump back to Friday 10th..

It's my Lunch Break-(again)- clearly my entire life evolves around that period between 12-2pm :D
I'm really hungry so I go off in search of a hearty meal. I decide to hit up the ever so popular Pret-A Manger. As usual I spend ages deciding what to buy. I eventually pick up an interesting wrap- a Greek Falafel wrap to be precise, and carry my prize back to the office, where ofc, I devour it.

Pret A Manger Greek Falafel Wrap
And man, it was sooo good... But too big to finish so I leave one wrap to eat later- later meaning Dinner.

Anyways so I'm feeling mighty fine and I get off to bed normal time, which is about 10:30, satisfied with the nutritiously tasty lunch and dinner I've just put away.

Saturday, 1am: I wake up. Why am I awake? I never wake up at this time. And ofc I'm not happy because its the weekend. So I sit up and realise I feel a bit weird.

And then.. THE WORST pain in the history of my life hits me and I literally feel like I'm gonna throw up all over the place (And I'm one of those people who never throw up!)
My stomach feels heavy and tight. I can't even move, or lie down. I struggle to get off the bed but eventually get downstairs and make some hot water to drink.
When I get back to my room, I start shaking. Sure, it's probably zero degrees at that time of night, but I'm also in so much pain. I sit up for about an hour, taking slow breaths, clenching my teeth and fighting sleep. 
Has anyone ever felt like they want to get a knife and tear open their stomach just to relieve the pain?Yep. That was totally what I wanted to do.
During this time, I turn on my phone and start researching-(Self- diagnosis a bad habit of mine). 
I type in food poisoning, falafel,stomach pain, night time and all the other crazy stuff I can think of.
I eventually find some info from the NHS and other forums, talking about the links between foods like lentils and stomach pain- and particulary IBS. And then I'm almost certain, that this is the fault of the falafel wrap that I ate earlier.

At about 2:15, after taking some Rennies and drinking about 1/2 litre of warm water, I'm tired and frustrated. The pain starts wearing off but I can just feel the liquified matter at the top of my stomach slooshing about. Sorry, Horrible, I know- I'm being honest! 
I pray I don't fall asleep and throw up.

4am: I'm awake instantly again. And the pain comes back. I have to jump up quickly, and it starts all over again. So I just decide to sit against my wall and pray. 
No joke, it was agony. All I wanted was sleep.

I think I must have fallen asleep eventually because when I wake up next, its morning.

Anyway the point of all this ramble, is to pass on a little warning to all of you. 
I'm not saying Pret A Manger poisoned me, or that you shouldn't eat falafel, because tbh, it was so tasty! 

What I've learnt/learning

1. All I'm saying is to be aware and know what you're eating.

2. Read the ingredients lists- I didn't even read the ingredients of the wrap (this will be the death of me, I swear! I need to start doing this kind of stuff) but it turns out one of the main ingredients of the wrap was hommous, which can be known to cause stomach upset if eaten in large quantities.                     

In addition to my eating the wrap for both lunch and dinner, I have a stomach issue, which I believe to be IBS, and perhaps the combination of the two contributed towards that awful night experience...

It's a shame, but I certainly won't be eating that wrap or anything falafel- related again :(

3. I'm learning though to listen to my body. I've had this "pleasure now, deal with the consequence later" approach for ages. But it's only recently, especially with my food, that I've been forced to change that. It sucks, but good health and well-being means too much to me to be ignored....

Hope this wasn't too much/too TMI :/ If it helps someone, good! I'm just glad that night is way behind me, and now I know to steer clear of falafel and hommous.

Ciao For Now x
Until Day 14 

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