#BLOGTOBER Day 28| Pranks at Starbucks!

"So, that's one Mocha to go, right? What's the name?"
"It's Bob"
"Bob? Ah okay, cool"

*Barista writes B-O-O-B...

Oh geesh.

How did the heck did you mess that one up?!

I've read somewhere recently that the baristas at coffee giant Starbucks purposefully mis-spell customers names when they are writing up your coffee order. 

I don't know if they do it for kicks, or its a really irritating sales tactic that infuriates you and forces to come back several times hoping that this time they'll spell your name right.

I personally find it quite intriguing. I of course encounter this misspelling plenty times. My cups have been inked KELIT, KELITY, KELETA, and all the rest.
One day Starbucks WILL get my name right. I mean I'm paying you half my hourly wage for one cup of coffee for goodness sake, its the least you can do! LOL.

This year I've decided to play a little trick on the Starbucks baristas. Hee Hee

There's only two chains in my local city centre, so I've had to be coy about it, because by now, I'm sure I've become a regular to both chains.

It's a harmless trick: all I'm doing is giving them a false name to write on my cup. That's it.
For a few minutes (or as long as my coffee lasts) I respond to a different name. 

It's been quite amusing. At times I've almost look around bemused and then remembered "Oh yeah, that's me" when they've call me for collection.
I've let my colleague in on my little prank and every time I waltz back into the office carrying a Starbucks cup, she asks "So, what's your name today?".

I've only managed to do this twice, because Starbucks are losing the patience to deal with personalising their cups #christmasiscominganditsgettingverybusy.
But as soon as a barista asks, I jump at the opportunity to put their spelling skills to the test and make up a crazy name for myself ;)

So far they haven't clocked on. And the names have been written perfectly! Mmm..

So here's the evidence- the perfectly spelt names on the Starbucks coffee sleeves. Don't know about you but I thought they'd struggle with "Sheridan".

Thinking about what name I'll be choosing next...


Ciao For Now x
Until Day 30

FYI: This post is:
1) not sponsored
2) has no affliation or interest whatsoever in Halloween #notrickortreat

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