Note-vember 3| The Return of the Lost Brushes!

Ever thought you lost something forever and then it turns up one day in the most random and unexpected fashion? 

Well, today that happened to me, x 3! I'm so happy right now, you have no idea! This one deserves a story...

So, I lost my RT buffing brush at work about three weeks ago now, and I was beyond gutted: It's my favourite brush EVER!! I then decided to fill the void by buying a brush set as a replacement, which were RT dupes: Joursna 5 piece from EBay (theres a blog post on that one, awright!) And then, one day not long afterwards, I lost the Joursna angled flat top brush.
Again at work. Not happy :(
FF to today:  I had to be work for 7am, which was effort much. It was dark, I was late, I would have to do my makeup at work. So I grab my ELF Total Face brush to apply my powder later and run out the door.
1 hr ago: I get back home and am emptying my bag when I realise my ELF brush is not in there. And my little heart sinks. 

Heck no Kelita! Not again...

No lie, I had a mini meltdown on the spot.(Inc. an audible scream- yes, it got real)

I began convincing myself that I must be crazy or something.
How can I lose, not 1, not 2, but 3 makeup brushes?? They're safe in my bag in the morning, but when I get home after work, they're all gone?
And then I started thinking that someone must have been stealing them. Honestly, I started feeling paranoid and stupid. And angry with myself for making the same silly mistake over and over.
The contents of my bag after my mini stroop.
And then I started asking God, why does everything like this always happen to me? And suddenly it was his fault too. 
So, I sat down in a right mood, almost crying with fustration and started re-packing my bag.
At that moment, it was as though a little voice said to me, check your inner pocket. So I did, and my hand brushed against something at the bottom of my bag. I realized it was trapped underneath my bags lining, so I tried to find a way inside.

And lo and behold, I discovered my inner pocket had a great big gaping hole in it! I had to laugh :D

When I pulled out my beloved RT buffing brush and the other two lost, I sat there in silence and just stared at them. #nowords
Feeling like a absolute idiot for suspecting thieves and blaming everyone else for my carelessness.

I can't believe it: even now I'm trying to figure out how I tottered up and down for three long weeks without realising that I was carrying two full sized makeup brushes in my bag.

I'm 100% certain that I searched my entire bag multiple times and had never felt or seen any of those brushes....

Have you thought that things just seem to materialise from out of thin air?? #onlyGodknows

Bit of a long one, today. But I just had to share that. My beloved brushes have been found #welcomehome.

And I'm soo excited to have them back in my life.  And phew: I'm losing it.

I can't wait to give them all a good wash and start using them again.

Happy Friday :D

Ciao For Now xx

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