#BLOGMAS 1: Give A Little

...So here it is...merry #BLOGMAS! Everybody's having fun. Look to the future posts, it's only just begun.." LOL. I'm singing along to Slade already. Who would have thought??

I'm going to kick start #BLOGMAS by mentioning an element of Christmastime that goes by the phrase of " doing a good deed".
Giving is one of those activities that many people really get into over the next few months. 
I really feel privileged to live in the UK, because I believe that 1) L.I.G here 2) Britons are a bunch of very charitable people. From Band Aid to the RSPCC, the Brits really know when and how to knuckle down and dig deep.

This year, I have been daily exposed to fundraisers, hanging about in the cold, stopping shoppers in the middle of their spending spree and asking them for a moment of their time, and a fraction of their wage. I used to run circles around these people, always pretending to be on my phone, so I didn;t have to go through the guilt trip of being reminded that I hadn't donated a dime to any needy cause other than my own minor troubles. 

It's so true that there is a difference in wanting to give and actually doing it- these days it usually begins with wiring up your bank account by signing a direct debit form!

Last month, I was approached by a highly enthusiastic and friendly guy, who at first was so zealous I thought he was going to try and rob me or something. I eventually clocked that he was a representative of the charity, Amnesty International.  I had heard of the charity before but wasn't exactly sure what it involved. In a nutshell, Amnesty International desires to bring a voice and install human rights to the impoverished, the persecuted and the abused. (You can visit the website to find out more in depth) I was so amazed by the rep's passion for the charity, and the amount of work the charity has already accomplished that I had to sign up. 

So, what am I saying??

I always think about it like this:

Whatever money/income you earn, whether you're a saver or a splurger, it will always make a greater return somewhere else. Even more so than if you invest in that leather jacket that will last you for years, LOL. #sowingandreaping- that's a principle!

I've been told so many times that "you have so that you can give". 
It's hard sometimes- I can be so selfish with my money. But just like I said before, at times of the year like this, I have to remember that I actually have more than I need. I have comfort. a warm home/shelter, my family, security. I don't have to fear someone coming after us in the middle of the night. It's all really cliche but its so true.

I want to find much more joy and happiness in giving to others. 

I'm challenging myself- and I'll challenge you.

Maybe be a little daring and give a little this year?? I'm gonna even be determined to up my gift giving game :D

After all, it's the season of goodwill.

Ciao For Now x


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