CAFFEINE #BAN-UARY & My Hot Drink Caffeine Alternatives

I started this New Year unconsciously skipping out on my normal cups of tea & coffee. 

I'll admit: I'm not one to drink a dozen cups every day, but I do enjoy a nice brew every now and then. 

Coffee, unlike tea has been a fairly new venture for me. Before 2014, I rarely drank the stuff- I'd always thought it was way too overpowering- but of course I've changed my mind, and have succumbed to the addiction :P

It was only after writing a daily entry in my food diary one day three weeks ago that I realised 2015 had started caffeine-free and of course, I was well chuffed with myself :) #gome

And then, it dawned on me: It is possible to survive a full day without loading up on caffeine, and still have enough energy to get up the next day on a cold and miserable morning.

So I vowed there and then, to rise to the challenge and see how long I could last without slurping down a mug of my favourite caffeinated beverages. 

The best thing about my no-caffeine challenge is that I get to try a whole new range of alternative beverages in the meanwhile.

Caffeine Alternatives: Hot Beverages

It is winter in the UK, and the hardest thing about getting up in the cold, is surviving the entire day in the cold without collasping with a cold. LOL! 

I always turn to a mug of something comforting and steaming to warm me up.

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1. So far, I've been loving Green Tea as a hot beverage caffeine alternative, and my favourite flavour variety is the Twinings grapefruit and pineapple.

Now, I know- green tea DOES have traces of caffeine in it, but at least its minuscule compared to tea and coffee. I used to hate green tea- the first time I tried it, it made me so hungry I felt sick. But I think my body is starting to get used to it and now I find it satisfyingly refreshing.

2. My mum recently brought home a box of Moringa Tea when she found out I was on a caffeine ban- I think she's feeling inspired to do the same LOL. 
Moringa tea has a very earthy taste, which takes a longer time to get used to than that of green tea. The tea is apparently S U P E R, because it claims to be caffeine free, organic and have properties that include being:

  • 17x more Calcium than that of Milk
  • 25x more Iron than that in Spinach
  • 15x  the Potassium in a Banana


Moringa Tea is the Chia Seed of the beverage world!

3. FruitBroos's Hotties are fast becoming a favourite also. I have a very big sweet tooth and these tea syrups are great at satisying my desire for sugary things. They are also caffeine free, and contain few calories. You just pour a spoonful of the syrup into your mug, add hot water and you have a delicious fruity drink. The rhubarb, apple and cinnamon flavour is the best- I'm not a fan of the apple, ginger and spice one though :/

Check out FruitBroo's tea selection here >


Some days I REALLY REALLY do crave a Starbucks. #mochaalltheway.

But I'm staying strong. Everyone at church & my workplace knows I'm doing this caffeine ban, so I'm sure they'll be keeping me in check..

Feeling: more awake, healthier and happier without caffeine. My health issues have also in addition really calmed down, and that makes me very happy indeed.

I'll post another update on my caffeine ban-uary soon. 
Hoping to get to the 31st and say I went CAFFEINE-FREE for an entire month. WOOP

No- Caffeine For Now :P x

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