3 Afforable Work Bags: 3 Different Styles

This month, I thought it was about time to invest in a good quality bag. 

Now I'm not bashing Primark,because for the price, their bags are pretty great; I've brought three bags from there these last few years and they have all done a good job. But eventually they do end up in the bin way before their time, either due to splits in the seam or a break in the handles.

Now I've heard a lot about the Zara bags. They may not be Celine or Michael Kors, but for someone who will NEVER spend ££££ of pounds on a bag, I proposed it would be a great mid range choice.

So, in need of a new office/work bag for everyday, I managed to haul three.
I only needed one. Oops...

I love that these bags can serve the same purpose, but yet are so different and appealing to various styles.

1.  T H E   C L A S S I C :  O F F I C E   O V E R S I Z E D 

This Zara Basic fitted my the brief of a new office bag perfectly.
 *It's oversized- great for someone like me who cant take jut one lipstick or go through a working day without every kind of spray/perfume hybrid on the planet. It has the standard handles and a strap, which is key for me. as I often prefer to throw a bag over myself especially if I'm in a rush. There are two external pockets suitable for flat items like documents and of course an inner compartment, deep enough for all my little treasures and private bits. Sleek as well as robust, I'm sure this large number will keep up with all the junk you manage to throw inside it!

2. T H E   T R E N D Y / T H R O W B A C K:   C H I C   B A C K P A C K

Backpacks and duffel bags have suddenly become not only cool again, but also highly trendy. I've been eyeing the leather, suede and fringed varieties for ages as they're a great put-together twist on the casual circa 2000 Just-Do-it generation of backpacks. I wouldn't have ever thought I'd be happy swinging a backpack again after my childhood days but this one is so sleek and compact, it really does it for me. Its minimal with the hints of metal and also has that classic easy drawstring closure (perhaps not the best security wise especially in a crowded city street) This Zara Trafaluc bag is particularly special- it also can be also be converted into a more versatile bucket bag.
Two styles in one. At £29.99 I'd say its a steal! Love it <3

3. T H E  U N C O N V E N T I O N A L : N U D E  H O L D A L L

So obviously bag no. three is the most visually different as its a lovely sand/nude colour. I have never owned a sand coloured bag in my life (fact) so this is an exciting purchase for me. If you're looking for something with a bit of edge, this maybe the bag for you. I've never seen a bag that has one handle and one strap on only one side. It's a little weird- at first I kept thinking that it must have been a manufacturing error. But no, its all part of the design. Perhaps not as everyday or sturdy as the other two, but its beginning to grow on me as I appreciate its uniqueness. If not anything else, I'm sure this bag will start a lot of conversation!

As girls, I'm sure we can never go too far without a bag on our arm. I've become a new lover (and hoarder! #nomoreroom) of bags as they can easily inject some of my own unique style into my clothing, particularly within a very uniform and plain environment, like an office or work place.

Thanks for reading. Hope you found this fun and helpful :)

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Ciao For Now x

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