4 Home Decor Pieces For A Small Bedroom

I have a very small bedroom. It's cute and cosy but once it gets cluttered, it gets crowded and it starts looking more like an abandoned box room. Which is why I'm very cautious as to what I buy to decorate it. The best way I find to dress a small bedroom without it looking a mess, is to go for small but quirky and iconic pieces. 

Here's 4 pieces that I think totally set off the style of my bedroom:

G O L D   S T O R A G E   P E N T A G O N  B U C K E T
Perfect for storing: *Makeup *Stationary *Jewellery *Cosmetic pads?

So from one of my favourite homeware stores TK Maxx, is this glass pentagon-like bucket; I don't know what to call it or what its true purpose is. I just knew as soon as I saw it on the shelf, what I wanted to do with it. It's perfect for stashing away my extra makeup, especially the kind that I don't reach for on an every day basis. Not only is this unit decorative, its also compact, blends well with my existing oak furniture and the glass is cool because I can actually see what's inside without having to tip everything out on the floor! That added handle works wonders when I need to grab it from on top of my wardrobe.

L I L Y   E T C H E D   C E R A M I C   B O W L 
Perfect for storing: *Rings *Hairpins *Elastic *Coins

Also from TK Maxx, is this rather delicate ceramic bowl; its so precious, the size of my palm!. Although I forgot to photograph the bowl without my rings inside, it has a very pretty floral design etched on the inside. I like this piece because it brings a bit of colour to my otherwise bog-standard oak furniture. Of course now that I have a bowl dedicated to my rings (and hairpins, as you can see) I will never fear losing them again. Even small bedrooms are nightmares for lost jewelery...

F A I R Y   L I G H T S
Perfect for: * Creating a focal point *Adding some light * Treating your inner girliness!

I purchased this lovely chain of 12 pink fairy lights from Sainsburys over the Christmas period when I needed something festive to get me in the Christmas spirit. It seems I loved them enough to keep them up ;draped over my portrait mirror. We all know the great benefits of a mirror in a room, but what about fairy lights? Add some lights around your mirror to turn it instantly into an affordable lighted makeup mirror- when it gets dark I just flick on my fairy lights and carry on preening :p Also these lights make a nice focal point- who can resist a touch of girliness with a pink glow?

C A C T U S   P L A N T
Perfect for: *Dressing windowsills *Shelves

I'll have to admit; keeping cacti has been solely encouraged by my love for home decor blogs; everyone has them! I personally suck at taking care of plants and knew this decor piece would require a bit more attention than the rest. But, meet Percy the Pineapple (well not quite) I brought this cute little cactus and pineapple clay pot from Etsy. Kate from Ghostparties introduced me to this;she has three of these! How can you not love this; its so adorable. A little flower or green plant is great to dress a shelf, or a windowsill, especially if you want a bit of the outdoors, indoors. Strangely enough, I feel that the air in my bedroom is more cleaner now that I have a plant; probably something to with carbon dioxide/oxygen exchange...
Unfortunately Percy wasn't coping on my window sill, so I had to move him to a more sheltered location...

So there's my 4 favourite home pieces in my bedroom right now. They really work because they're obviously attractive but are also small and movable. 

If you have a small bedroom, keep your stuff pretty and proportionate; you don't want your decor to overwhelm your space!

Hope you found that helpful and fun :)

Ciao For Now
Kelita x

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