Its no secret that I love me some sushi. 

I always feel mighty good when I'm chowing down on California rolls. But what you may not have known is *insert fun facts* 

1) Sushi is my go to food for THAT time of the month and coincidentally, 

2) Sushi contains ingredients that have been known to prevent and combat menstrual pain and symptons.

Great stuff, huh?

A Sushi Dish To Try...

One of my favourite sushi based dishes comes from the restaurant chain Giraffe; an eatery which is known for its multi -cuisine, friendly service and amazing global music. Their "Sushi Rice Salad with Oak Smoked Salmon" is the best; it's a salad that instagram worthy and is brimming with healthy and fresh foods. 
Heres a breakdown of what goes into it:
kale, fresh mango, brown rice, cucumber, carrot, avocado, edamame beans, mixed leaves, wasabi lime dressing & sesame crunch topping

Now you don't have to venture to Giraffe to get your dose of pain fighting goodness. Wherever you go and whatever sushi you choose just know you're doing yourself a favour...

Giraffe's Sushi Salad (Nom) Health, Beauty and Goodness!

T H E   4  B E N E F I T S   O F   S U S H I  :D
(its all in the ingredients, guys)

Vitamin E

* Vitamin E decreases levels of prostaglandin production ( this is the hormone that makes the uterus contract during menstruation). You wanna load up on this stuff. Some sushi rolls contains seeds, which are pretty rich in the vitamin. Nuts & vegetable oils are also great sources too! If you want Vitamin E in pill form, I recommend Evening Primrose Oil supplements ( my life! What did I do before I had these??)

Omega 3

* Omega 3- That fatty acid that was a huge discovery and branded a "super-food" the other day, when people started downing supplements like nobody's business. So, we all know now that salmon, tuna & other oily fish are fantastic sources of Omega-3. So, why is Omega 3 a symptom fighting acid? Fatty acids are known to be anti-inflammatory, so kiss goodbye to that awful PMS bloating and swelling.


* So, I was quite surprised to learn that carbs can actually help lessen your menstrual symptoms I'd always thought they were responsible for my bloating and mood swings. However, apparently carbs in their RICE form can actually increase levels of the pain tolerating hormone. Who thought periods feel like a breeze? And what would sushi be without rice? Filling as well as tasty, I'm sure glad I don't have to cut rice from my diet during that time of the month


* I personally love the kick that the ginger condiment gives to my sushi. It's a great essential for Asian cuisine and is thankfully easily accessible. Its great in its tea form too, especially after you've had a bit too much to eat and are having those digestion issues (yep we've all been there!) But of course, load up on this root and it should help regulate your digestion, which slows down during your menstrual days!

And that's it.

You know where to find me at the end of the month :p .....

Hope you found this interesting and helpful especially if you suffer from PMS/pain during your period. 

You're definitely not alone, girl, that's for sure!

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Ciao For Now x

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