W H A T   I S   A B E L  &  C O L E  ?

Abel & Cole is a British weekly subscription box service that delivers organic and fresh foods direct to your door. If you're looking to get into eating cleaner, food subscriptions are great ways to cut your shopping bill, avoid all those tempting high cal and fat treats and stick to a decent meal plan. You can order anything at Abel & Cole from fruit & veg, to meats and cupboard essentials. I tried the service for the first time a few months ago and loved the variety of products on offer. Although I like the idea of the boxes, I haven't committed to the subscription because currently I'm not in charge of the food shopping in my house and I'd hate to see food go to waste by purchasing too much. However if you want to switch your food regime a little this season, I would totally recommend you giving Abel & Cole a go.

H O W   D O  I   J O I N  ?

All you have to do to get started is to set up an account on Abel & Cole's website, select which box and groceries you would like to buy and expect your shopping every week without you moving a muscle! 

A few extra nice things about the company is that:
1. everything they sell is organic
2. you'll get the same driver if you sign up to the weekly subscription box
3. the packaging is recyclable and returnable! (I've used the ice packs so many times since to keep my food cool when travelling) So efficent!

So, here's what I ordered from Abel & Cole a few months back:
The order came with lots of literature and info about the company as well as a few recipe cards and upcoming ideas for you to try at  home.

The olive bread was so soft and moreish- I was addicted. You can also freeze these if you want to save them for later

L-R: Pouring yogurt, hot dogs, houmous, venison burgers. I still have the hot dogs in my freezer!

My favourite products were definitely the organic black olive houmous, baby kale, maize pasta, pouring yogurt and venison burgers! I mean venison burgers aren't exactly something that I would have jumped to try, but they were incredibly tasty and very fresh.  Kale chips are a great snack to make with kale. I personally think that baby kale is much better than curly kale and I've been looking everywhere for some ever since this order (without success)

I'm glad I gave this service a go, and perhaps for the sake of the kale and burgers, I might order another box very soon.

If you want to know any more info about Abel & Cole, then check out their website here: Abel & Cole

Watch the haul on my YouTube

Other than that, I hope you feel inspired to jump on board the healthy and clean eating train

Happy Eating, until next time!

F O L L O W   M E

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