My 3 Product Everyday Makeup Routine

Pre- Makeup Face ! 

It's crazy to believe that just over two years ago, I rarely wore make-up on a daily occasion. How did I manage that? Although to be fair to my younger self, my skin was pretty much blemish/scar/pore free. Something happens in those latter teenage years, I'm telling you...

Anyways, now that I've accepted that my skin is not what it used to be and needs a bit of  help 99.9% of the time, I try to resolve by keeping my daily makeup as natural and as fuss-free as possible.

It essentially consists of three major products
1. Tinted powder
2. Eyebrow pencil
3. Setting powder/spray.

The rest is just for when I want to "go all out" or when I have an extra 5 minutes in the morning, lol


Because I have oily/combination skin, primer is an absolute must if I want my face to last all day. And with little time to touch up at work in a busy office, I have no choice but to pile on my base in hope that that pesky shine will stay away for as long as possible. Right now I'm using a combination of
- Maybelline's Baby Skin & - Vichy Mattifying Face Fluid. The Baby Skin smooths over my visible pores and the Face Fluid blots out the shine and adds that crucial SPF! I'm so sad that both of these products are almost finished (cue the dreaded trip back to the beauty counter to restock- I hate restocking my makeup*I said this in the video* GRRR. It actually feels like a chore -____-)


I may have mentioned before that I really dislike foundation, specifically for everyday wear. I've always felt that powder based products do a much better job especially on my T-zone, at "absorbing" the oils. 
I've been using Benefit's Hello Flawless Pressed powder for about a year now and really can't see ditching it for another product; it is soo good (well, I will have to soon, because my face is getting really light #winterskin) but I'll all over it again come the warmer and sunnier months. Unlike my fail of a video where I forgot to conceal before applying the powder(!) I do normally take a few swipes of the LA Girl Pro Conceal concealer over the top of my cheeks, where I have most of my break outs and scarring. This concealer is very much worthy of the hype- its crazy cheap as well, and I'm really glad we can access it here in the UK via good old Amazon. I use the shade "Almond" which is quite cool toned however it great for highlighting and hiding my dark areas (terrible under eye circles, scars, etc)

The Eye/Brow

The Main Event. If you're like me then regardless of anything else, them brows had better be filled in and looking sharp before stepping out the door! Eyebrows really do give you that " I've made an effort". Now, I used to use Rimmel's Eyebrow Pencil, whic has been a legend in the blogging world for so long. I don't want to diss it- it does do a good job, for a bargain price. But I can;t get definition, precioson or longevity with a crumbly pencil, that wipes off just as easily as it slides on. By the end of the day, my eyebrows have disintegrated! So, I decided to upgrade from a drugstore to a higher end. Enter Dior Sourcils Pourde (translation?) This pencil is incredible. #thebrowgamehaschanged. I love how "fleeky" they make my eyebrows look. The powder formula holds tight, and doesn't budge unless you really rub at it. Even a little oil on my skin doesn't mess with it. Happy days! If having a decent pair of brows is important to you, I suggest you invest in a good powder eyebrow pencil. 
If I can be bothered, I'll quickly run my lashes through with Maybelline's The Rocket Waterproof.


Blush, contour, highlighter- all failry excluded to party time makeup for me. I've never been that big on having a full face because I think I have really masculine features, and wearing too much makeup can make me look drag! #nolie. So I try and tone it down by sticking to safe colours like pinks and muted shades. This Rimmel 3 in 1 blush is very muted- it barely shows up at all on the brush when you swatch it. But its pretty and you can see bits of it especially in photos, which is great because it looks natural.

Setting spray! I'd heard a lot about the UD De-Slick Setting Spray, so decided to grab one and test it out. Don't expect your shine to completely disappear, it doesn't! But the spray does help to calm it all down a lot more than if I just used setting powder alone.

Usually, I add a gloss or lip balm at the very end. Right now, my lips are suffering from the chill and are getting very chapped. Blistex is a lip saviour and this Blistex Raspeberry Lemondae Blast balm smells soo much like summer!


What are your everyday makeup essentials? Let me know

Ciao For Now

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