We all know and love the crisp sugary exterior and the soft centre of the doughnut. And if there's a filling- even better! I've always wanted to whip up a batch of doughnuts at home but have been put off until recently due to the method- deep frying!. We don't owe a deep fat fryer (and probably never will) so I've believed that without one, I'd only ever enjoy these moreish treats at the seaside or from the supermarket. But then along came this new idea- baked doughnuts and I was immediately sold.

The fun thing about this bake was that I was making my French Onion Soup at exactly the same time; that was the first time I'd ever attempted to do a complete meal and it went surprisingly well. I didn't burn or ruin anything! Woop woop.

Anyway the key to a great baked doughnut is a doughnut pan OR a muffin pan. I don't owe a doughnut pan, so used a standard 12 hole muffin tin instead, and oh, it worked amazingly well. Using your pans, ensure that there are greased REALLY WELL! I used softened butter to smear around my pan, until it was glossy. You can also use non-stick spray if you're health-concious or want something a little lighter.

Find the full recipe and ingredient list that I used here:

1) Essentially, mix all your dry ingredients together first in one bowl ( flour, baking powder and soda, cinnamon, salt and nutmeg if using) and then the wet ingredients with the sugar in another (egg, milk and yoghurt) Remember to add the butter and vanilla slowly to your wet mixture before combining everything together.

2) Spoon that thick, sweet smelling batter into your muffin or doughnut tin. TIP: I filled each hole about 1/2 way full. It will rise and expanded in the oven so don't worry if it looks stingy and small at first. Try and distribute evenly too.

3) Bake for 10 minutes at approx 170-180 degrees. Keep an eye on your doughnuts. If they go light brown at the edges, then they're likely to be ready.

Aren't they cute??!

The finished product looks just like little buns or cakes.

Cool in the tin for a few minutes and then remove onto a rack and cool further.

THE BEST PART! The Coating: Cinnamon Sugar

I can't believe how simply and yummy cinnamon sugar is. Like why have I not figured it out before.

Its so perfectly balanced and tastes incredible on a slightly warmed doughnut. I actually kept a leftover jar of the cinnamon sugar for about a week and swapped out my usual white sugar for it. My green and herbal teas have never tasted any better! Try it - your daily cuppa will thank you :)


And that's all! Look and weep people, look and weep...

The verdict on these beauties is that they are 100 x better than their unhealthier deep fat fried cousins. My friends and family's words, not mine. Although I do definitely agree. Okay, okay so a sugar loaded dough isn't healthy at all in itself, but at least I feel less guilty for plucking one and popping it whole in my mouth multiple times in a minute. Opps. (This time round, I managed to only eat three. The other nine were gifts. I resisted!)

As usual, remember that you can freeze these if you make too much or just want some souvenirs to show off when guests come round. Everyone thinks I'm some kind of master mind baker or something when I produce these dishes - but I can say honestly, anyone can make dessert, as long as they're armed with a concise and accurate recipe!

Come back next week for the last in the #NOM-EMEBER installment when I make pie in homage to Thanksgiving!

Until Next Time

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