#MINIMAS| DIY: "Holly Hot Snow" Drink

Whether you're team Starbucks, Costa or Nero, the Christmastime drinks are always an absolute hit!
I personally haven't visited any coffee chain this year for my seasonal warmer because of the #no-caffeine challenge I set myself at the beginning of the year- I find it particularly hard as a non-caffeine drinker to find hot drinks that don't contain tea or coffee at this time of year.
Thus hot chocolate being the next best thing! And when you're concocting your own hot chocolate at home, you can try all kinds of wonderful flavours. Win-win.

This "Holly Hot Snow"drink is incredibly easy to whip up. 
So, the name? I wanted to make up a really catchy name for this drink and this phrase was the first thing that came to my mind, and it kind of stuck. I think it sounds like a cool cocktail or something - haha. Anyway, essentially, its just a hot white chocolate infused with biscuit and raspberries. We all know and love the classic dessert combination of white chocolate and raspberry, so I decided with an addition of my favourite biscuits, it would make a great seasonal hot drink.

I had some cooking white chocolate left over from a batch of cake pops that I made earlier in the month, so I just used that, a few dashes of milk of water and a pot of blended frozen raspberries.


(Take the following as only as a loose guide. Tbh I was doing everything by eyeball, so I didn't actually get to accurately measure out the ingredients. I'm kinda bad like that!)

Blend a handful of frozen or fresh raspberries until a thick liquid. Set in the fridge for an hour to chill.

1. Heat 50g of white chocolate (as a starting point. If you're a chocoholic you may want to add more...) on a medium heat, and stir in the pan continuously until melted.
2. Add a combination of milk and water (250ml), starting with the milk, slowly to the pan. Stir and heat the liquid through. Bring to a boil and then simmer.
3. For a that extra festiveness, add some finely crushed biscuits! I used peanut butter Oreos and oaty biscuits, but you can also use ginger snaps etc The biscuit will give your milk that speckled effect!

4. When the liquid has become infused with the cookie flavours and is nice and opague in colour (add more chocolate/milk/water as it suits you) pour into your chosen mug or glass

5.  Drizzle the blended raspberries over your hot chocolate. Hopefully the froth should catch and you'll have a cool pattern on the top of your drink. Get creative if you like!

6. To garnish, throw on a few frozen raspberries to float.

Take a sip and enjoy!

If you like that fusion of warm and cold at once, you'll love this. Its like having a hot chocolate pudding and a fruity cold sorbet. Mmmm :p

Have a very merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy your "Holly Hot Snows" :D

P.S Sorry about the photo quality and the dim lighting- Daylight saving is a pain for blogging

Until Next Time x

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