After years of suffering with ongoing and diagnosed digestive issues, I decided to make a radical change back in February by switching to a plant based diet.

Why did I go vegan?

I may have never touch on this before on my blog, but I have suffered for almost five years with persistent and in some way, life-changing, digestive issues. 

It all started during my university days. I never experienced problems eating and digesting food before 2012/13. I can't remember exactly when but I remember a time when bloating and excessive stomach pain, accompanied by irregularity in my bowels and emotional state became an everyday battle.

In these five years, I've visited doctors, Googled symptoms (Google repetitively told me that I was either pregnant(!) or had cancer) taken antibiotics and cried over my endless search of discovering "What's wrong with me"?

 If you follow my blog, you'll remember I went caffeine-free in 2015 in an attempt to discover truthfully if caffeine was a culprit in all my problems. Turns out it's not - but I've decided to keep at it anyway :)

So, at the start of this year, overcome by misery and in particular, one night where I woke up and my entire abdomen and back were throbbing and swollen and hard as a rock, I decided I'm so done with all this that I just had to do something radical. I've always believed that my problems stem from the foods I eat. My stomach has become so sensitive that even the smallest or lighest meal sends it into either a spasm or a session of loud and painful groans, that ginger, ACV or turmeric are the only remedies that seem to soothe it.

I've enjoyed animal products all my life; I do love a roast dinner, cheese or an American cheesecake. But I realised that eating especially meats were agitating my sensitive stomach. My bloating would be worse after eating dairy or eating meat. So mid February, I just decided to cut it all out... And here we are.

I've now been vegan for two months and going (relatively) strong.

If you're wondering what I've been eating as a vegan, here's a few of my homemade meals (except the pizza!) for some inspiration.

Watch my Vegan Weekly Eats video here:

BREAKFAST: Rice Crackers and kiwi fruit

LUNCH: Sweet potato noodles with roasted stir-fry vegetables

 DINNER: Artichoke and Olive Pizza with vegan cheese and GF base

DINNER: Vegetable Bake with boiled plaitain

SNACK: Matcha Tea Latte with red apple

It's been hard work, to be really honest. I have admittedly dipped into vegetarianism over the last week or so, due to lack of feeling full after meals, in hope of feeling more satisfied.

The honest truth is there have been some highs, but a mountain of lows. Veganism within the online and social media community has been portrayed as a "fix all" diet, but I don't think that is the case. 

Yes, I've really enjoyed this challenge and am considering making it a life-long commitment. But I wanted to first point to some of the not so great things that I've experienced since becoming a vegan.

If you want to find out how exactly how veganism has changed my digestion, mood, body and wellbeing, watch my Confessions of a New Vegan video here.(WARNING: it's quite TMI, so be prepared for raw honesty and details!)

If you're vegan or considering becoming vegan, why not drop me a line - vegan recipes, your experiences and opinions are all welcome!

Until Next Time,

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